GROOMING – No Charge

Birds fly (not a great revelation) and can fly into trouble if precautions are not taken. A bird can fly into windows, mirrors, a hot stove, ceiling fans and out open doors.

Even a hand-raised bird’s instincts tell him to attempt to fly off when frightened. If the correct feathers are properly clipped, your bird will flutter safely to the ground.

If you’ve ever held your bird and felt as though eight sharp needles were piercing your skin, you know nail clipping is important. Regular clipping makes your bird more enjoyable and more comfortable for your bird to sit on its perch.

For wing and nail clipping, please call before coming in.


Never again worry about your precious pet when you are away from home. Our feathered guests are kept in a locked room accessible to only our staff, and are fed, watered and cleaned daily.

For small birds please bring in your cage.  For large birds we supply the cage (we cannot carry large cages upstairs to our boarder room) though please bring your large bird in a light weight carrier for our staff to carry upstairs. Also bring your bird’s favorite toy (a State requirement).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: County Animal Control has two requirements, (1) the cage you bring in must be clean (clean cups and perches – no droppings) and (2) a toy. There will be a $25 extra charge if we have to clean your cage.

We are not a long term boarding facility. Maximum boarding stay is three weeks; longer than that is not healthy for your bird.

Daily Boarding Prices (includes food unless noted)

Parakeet/Canary/Finch $3.00
Cockatiel/Lovebird $4.00
Conure $5.00
Parrot/Macaw/Cockatoo $8.00
Lorikeets $10.00 (must provide food)